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Maps of Sooke area parks

"Thieves Beware. ParkWatch Patrol is here." Map of Park Watch coverage area
Map of parks covered by Park Watch

Parks that the JDF Regional Park Watch Society covers with travel distance from downtown Sooke:

Map:Sooke Potholes Regional Park (CRD)~ 8 km


Potholes RegionalPark
Parkwatch in Potholes Regional Park

Parkwatch at Potholes Park

East Sooke Park (CRD) Aylard Farn entrance ~ 20 km

Aylard Rd East Sooke Park
Trail from Aylard Rd entrance of East Sooke Park

Aylard Ro waterview East Sooke Park
Walk along the trail from the Aylard Rd entrance to the rocky waterfront in East Sooke Park

East Sooke Park (CRD) Pike Road entrance ~ 20 km Pike Road Entrance of East Sooke Park
Waterfront view: Pike Road entrance of East Sooke Park
Matheson Lake Park (CRD) ~ 30 km Matheson Lake Trail
Trail at Matheson Lake Park

China Beach ~ approx 40 km
Mystic Beach also approx 40 km
Mystic Beach is the first beach on the southern end of the JDF Marine Trial.

China beach and Mystic beach share the same turn-off from West Coast Road, and you can walk from one parking lot to the other. The beaches are separated by a rock so even at low tide, you can not walk from one beach to the other.

China Beach past Sooke
China Beach
Sandcut Beach ~ approx 35 km  
French Beach ~ approx 32 km  
Roche Cove Park (CRD) ~ 25 km Maps  
Whiffin Spit Provincial Park ~ 8 km  
Botantical Beach (Port Renfrew) ~ 93 km

Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew
Ocean view at Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach Parkwatch
Parkwatch at Botanical Beach

Sombrio Beach ~ 80 km  

District of Sooke
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